Beyond Insane

The old me is dead and gone, Kurt said to himself. 

Convincing himself that he’s a change man. There is nothing left from his old life. 

But there is no turning back now. What’s about to happen is something he will regret for his entire life. But what choice does he have left?
They started happy and young.

Tori and him. The first time he saw her he thought to himself, I will marry that girl.

He walks with her everyday, takes her to places she never been before, hold her, loves her until she said yes. 

Their love quickly fade as time gone by. There were fights, arguements, and misunderstanding that Kurt always look for answers.

Even the time that Tori had an affair. That was the last straw.

He loved her so much.

But you never loved me, Kurt cries, remembering the past.

But looking at Tori makes him angry. He loved her. He did. But did Tori loved him back? No. She just used him. Pretending that she loved him.

He puts a blindfold on her. Cuffs her hands. Pounds a hammer on her side. Gags her hard. Tied her upside down. But the torture didn’t stop there.

He takes a small knife and stabs her three times on the ribs. Blood drips and drops at her side.

He left her hanging. She is still alive. Barely. He left her there to suffer and feel the pain he felt. She couldn’t scream. Her voice quivers everytime she speaks.

Kurt knows that this is madness. I’m done in this world. There is nothing left for me here, he thought.

He takes a gun. Puts it in his mouth.

His last thoughts are: After the cruelty I did, know that there is still much worse than it. Love.

Then he pulls the trigger.